What kind of inspections can be completed on Biotrapper?

Almost any kind of inspection can be completed using Biotrapper. Our system can be used for EHS inspections but also for things such as forklift and maintenance inspections.

Can only Yes/No questions be created in Biotrapper?

No, Biotrapper allows you to create multiple question types including:

  • Yes/No/NA
  • Numerical entry
  • Data entry
  • Calendar/date entry
  • Text entry

Can I create my own questions or do I have to use questions from your question bank?

You can create as many questions as you want in Biotrapper. Our question bank is there for your convenience and reference. You can modify questions in our question bank to suit your needs or create your own questions.

Can I use Biotrapper to conduct audits?

Yes, you can set up questions in Biotrapper to help you conduct an audit.

Can I use Biotrapper at multiple locations?

Yes. If you business has multiple locations, you can set up multiple sites in Biotrapper and designate users and inspections for each site.

What are the technical requirements for Biotrapper?

Biotrapper is a web-based app hosted in a cloud. You can access Biotrapper using any web browser. Biotrapper can be used on a desktop, tablet, or phone. An internet connection is necessary to use Biotrapper. Our technicians can work with your technical team to make sure your business is able to implement Biotrapper easily.

Is Biotrapper’s data secure?

Yes, our data is hosted on a secure server that is backed up several times a day.