Artisan Solutions was formed to assist companies with managing their environmental responsibilities associated with information and data collection and response.

Artisan recognized a need for alternatives to managing environmental information and data. Based on over 25 years of manufacturing and environmental remediation experience across a broad range of manufacturing and industrial settings, Artisan has encountered problems such as missed inspections, erroneous data leading to re-mobilizing to re-collect the data, lack of communication of deficiencies, and regulatory enforcement action.

The goal of Artisan is to embed best practices and expert knowledge into the BioTrapper system, facilitating the collection, management, and responding to information and data collected in the field.


Our Philosophy
Because we believe that the protection of human health and the environment and the protection of business interests are not mutually exclusive, we seek to:
  • Assist companies in minimizing their environmental, health, and safety risks, costs, and liabilities
  • Protect people and the environment
  • Enhance companies’ competitiveness in the global economy

Artisan EHS Consulting was founded in 2010 by industrial hygienist Dave Comen. He is both a Certified Industrial Hygienist and a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager.  With over 35 years of manufacturing, construction, and consulting experience in environmental, health, and safety issues, Dave is well-suited to assist you in minimizing your risks and liabilities in EHS areas.